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Hello men. U M, today I shall reveal a Vizio, my, uh, crypto industry overview. Uh, we'll chat about Bit-coin and terrible gentleman Drupal. And before we'll start out, remember to support that particular video . Visit and join to my societal networking websites. Even a YouTube channel until the grump station all of links, uh, builds the Speedo. Ok. To begin with, the complete Bit coin compared to a United maintains door, uh, at that moment.

So I'm going to show you key amount at $99,100. It's our sturdy resistance at $10,500. So I expect, um, price tag might last to rise off FHEG brick outside of, uh, our primary amount. So within this scenario, later fake brick outside, who is able to open lock location, if we'll switch, uh. Our charge to one hour. In this scenario, you could visit a next.

So, uh, if price is likely to make bogus brick outside of Zeus level, in this circumstance, we may start lock location, uh, for example, intermediate, higher aims. Ok. The following one is actually a terrarium and ball to Terry him. I also want reveal youpersonally, um, total encroach, as you know. Expand this spot switch, um, traits a, uh. Vehicle. So I expect this, um, also from a service degree of Iuh, uh, talkuh, yesterdayuh, '' we cannot start financing standing, uh, after fig breakout with this amount, uh, that, uh, can sit with our aid degree of our satisfying coach.

In this circumstance, we could start a lot of placement for increased targets also, like a Bit coin.

The following 1 about re pull on a ball. Triple striation a difference. Bryce almost certainly features in our fall, uh, rising garage comfort, you can see rising verge will be , Mmm Mmm. It's brief a brief pattern and determine if Bryce will, uh, violate our toe, uh, bottom part of our, uh, Arisun grudge. Within this circumstance, we are able to uh, receptive as brief standing bots.

We truly need hint, uh, weights. We will need to run enough time, uh, weights. Uh, in it, uh, can transpire. It just needs this case. We can open sharp posture if we shall. U M. I swap for a single hour for a 1 hour graph. So within this circumstance, uh, you also can, you also can watch our return, uh, support at zero point 2 4, six, $1. Uh, therefore that I expect if price is likely to make a imitation brick outside with the degree.

We could, um, get, um, at a Ludo pull, Beck increased. Uh, fine. That's all of my trading plan for today. Hope that it will make use of a whole four easy to you personally. Uh, do not forget to drive like button and then subscribe and see another time. Bye.